BD | RaydzTwitch#0001
Custom Colors Custom Trails Notched Blade Spinning Text

Here I present to you something that is a breed mix of RaydzAether and RaydzDarkside... RaydzDNA! Why is this named RaydzDNA?

It was at the top of my head when I saw the handle. For some reason it reminded me of a DNA spiral thing (whatever you call it), and now that I think of it, it's almost like mixing the "DNA" from both the sabers.

The handle was inspired by P1AQ and ToxicBush's collab, it's really supposed to be for my particle blade project but whatever, I'm really proud of it. The handle texture and the blade are taken straight from RaydzAether.

Some of Okachamie's textures are in here. I did make the trail slope but the other textures are from him. Also, a big thanks to Flufflus for making the Japanese text ring for me.


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