Oldschool Default Ultimate

Oldschool Default Ultimate



These are the vanilla sabers from Beat Saber 0.12, we call them oldschool sabers.

It's the updated version because some peoples told me my sabers were not perfect so here is the the changes made :

  • Updated 3D model with a second glowing line on the back of the saber.
  • "Recreated" the old trail shaders
  • Improved trail smoothness

(Basically the trail looks 1:1 to the 0.12 now)

Color scheme used in the preview :

Left sabers/lights :

  • R: 255
  • G: 0
  • B: 0

Right Sabers/Lights :

  • R: 0
  • G: 88 (190 for lights)
  • B: 255

Screenshot with these colors :


The notes used in the video will be posted in modelsaber, they are not finished, I'm trying to make them the most accurate possible to Beat Saber 0.12. The link will be posted here once uploaded !


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