BS Twitter Community Fridge

BS Twitter Community Fridge



This fridge was a community effort and i love them all for helping make it special with little easter eggs and additions to really make it something awesome :sunglasses:

it was really fun doing all this especially when i started adding more garbage to the environment.

Complete with:

Fumo collection

Zowombee Exclusive photo


Lots of Fridge magnets and picture frames :D

GordonFeetmans feet claw griping his controllers :skull:

A fridge inside a Fridge cuz thats funny

3 Sabers (2 haven't been released kekw)

Rift S Controllers in the Fridge???

and a picture of Kanye on a pillow...

the fridge was meant to be signed by top 100 beatsaber players but i scraped it cuz the texture was destroyed :skull:

(note: Sirspam, i still can't add gifs to meshes :sob:)

I couldn't pay the £20 for gordonfeetman to take his watermark off the image (sad)


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