2018 Vibes

2018 Vibes


Custom Colors Oldschool Default

Just the default notes but with the look they had in the 0.12 approximately. (After the devs lighted up the blocs and changed sabers). You can have more glow on it so, and you can use full saturated colors the notes will not transform into a sun anymore.

Since I don't want to spam this place with same but slightly changed notes here are some variants of these notes to fit you liking. (More or less bright) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eSjlDENAlDegwla37EOrlotvLKoYLlp8/view?usp=sharing

Video preview : https://youtu.be/OaUWGpC-OY0

Colors used in the thumbnail and video :

Red : r=255 : g=000 : b=000

Blue : r=000 : g=190 : b=255

Same for lights


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