Miruko The Bunny Hero MHA

Miruko The Bunny Hero MHA


Important! Check Desc! FBT Dynamic Bones First-Person Compatible Hair Physics Bunny Tail Physics Bunny Ears Physics Breast Physics

Download from Link Instead: Link includes v1.2 of the model, cant change model file here! :

Fixes: Hair more silky, Chin no longer moves around , actual pupil textures, body outfit textures fixed (now shows purple outlines like the real reference).

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FHsx-QHmbI0OQ2gF5-qQSEJuW4eahsIs/view?usp=sharing

version 1

*Includes Hair , Ear, Bunny tail, & Breast physics.

*Gloves, Shoes, Hero Belt, and Stockings are designed to be reflective to game object lighting like blocks and sabers.

*Self Model Clone Preview doesn't work in Avatar Menu but the character looks completely fine from the outside. So don't worry about it being green or partly invisible in the avatar selection menu.

*FBT not tested but should work fine.


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